More than farming... creating cultural change!
We farm for a living, growing 16,000 pounds of vegetables and fruit by hand on just one acre of our 15 acre farm on Swayne Road in Errington, BC. Each Saturday, our “store front” is open at the Errington Farmers’ Market, May through to the end of September - we hope to see you there, supporting local food, local jobs and farming!

We are both activists, farmers and feminists.
Our primary interest is in making the world a better place.
Food, farming, farmers, farmers' markets and farmland is our primary palette to facilitate awareness and change within our culture.
Practical Permaculture, applied in our own lives, provides the backdrop.
Growing 16,000 pounds of food on just once acre, no till, by hand, for a living proves the example.
Spending less than $20 per month on food fortifies the effectiveness and efficacy of our approach. (We don't 'grocery shop').
From that foundation we are able to not only show, we also teach others many different, basic life skills from money management to the growing of food.
Behind all of this and more, is the understanding that almost nothing that westerners do is so-called "sustainable".
As such, it behooves us to shift our thinking, eating and lifestyle into alignment with our earth's carrying capacity verses continuing down the inevitable road of ruin.
The need for real change is desperate and essential if we wish to survive, let alone thrive as a species.
Each and every one of us can change the world for the better - let's start right now!
Together, we can transform our communities, our society, and, ultimately our culture, by transforming the way we think, live, work, play and eat.

Transfarmation encompasses:

  • ethical, sustainable living
  • the local food movement
  • re-localizing the economy
  • transition initiatives
  • soil preservation and building
  • increasing local food production
  • permaculture design
  • bio-intensive & bio-dynamic growing
  • rainwater harvesting
  • transforming the way we design our homes, buildings and towns
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