Nutritious food is a critical component of Cool Aid’s work to end homelessness and improve the lives of all of tenants and other clients.

101-749 Pandora Avenue
Victoria BC V8W 1N9

Quick Facts

  • Cool Aid serves 980 meals every day; over 350,000 per year.
  • The average cost of a meal is $5.28.
  • Cool Aid operates two commercial kitchens.
  • Cool Aid spent $1 million on food services last year.
  • Cool Aid serves 12,000 clients each year in the Capital Region.

Who Benefits

  • All emergency shelter guests (1,598 individuals last year) receive three meals per day. Businesses and community groups can sponsor and help serve a community meal at Sandy Merriman House shelter for women for just $200.
  • Seniors and tenants in some high-needs housing (311 tenants) enjoy one to two nutritious meals daily.
  • 254 other tenants benefit from donated foods (mostly from the Mustard Seed’s Food Warehouse)
  • Food is available daily at the Downtown Community Centre to hundreds of participants and free “Community Kitchen” programs are available to teach people about food purchasing, preparation, nutrition and storage. Food is made and enjoyed in every class with some to take home afterwards.
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The Downtown Community Centre provides healthy choices for people wanting to connect more socially — and is open to everyone. Uniquely, all of Cool Aid’s programs are free, including equipment, transportation & supplies. Offerings vary and include sports, cooking classes, skills development and the arts. Check out our programs and activities on Facebook.